So, you feel like you have a general idea of what your vision is for your wedding, what colors you like, and what songs are definitely going to be on the DJ’s “Do Not Play” list *insert the Chicken Dance here.* But, let’s be real.  Pinterest is overwhelming, you work a full time job, and hell, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of? Someone to ask for vendor recommendations? Lend a listening ear when you need to vent about your future Mother-in-Law’s eccentric behavior? Have someone be with you at appointments with vendors when your fiancé (let’s be honest) doesn’t really want to go and you would like an objective option?

That’s where I come in, as your Wedding Whisperer.

What’s included?


Need someone on site to facilitate every detail to ensure you, your family, and your guests have an incredible, stress-free day? With my Day-of Event Coordination package, I will provide boots-on-the-ground day-of assistance on your wedding day – which will save you the economy size bottle of Excedrin Migraine that you will undoubtedly need otherwise.

Tell me more.


So, we’ve discussed all the logistics, shared a 11:00 pm vent session (with wine) about your future in-laws, and created a stunning celebration plan that encapsulates you and your partner’s love story – now what?


And you’ll be able to rest assured, we have all our bases covered – you will be dancing the night away, with champagne in hand, toasting to the best day ever.

This package includes everything included in both the Wedding Whisperer and Day-of Coordination packages.

Let’s do it!

Interested in something else not listed above?

Contact me to inquire about a customized package!

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