“Camila is an absolute star! Throughout the entire planning process, she was there from start to finish! I considered myself a DIY bride and when I showed up with tubs and tubs of decor, she hopped on it and stayed busy until it was perfect! And as we all know, every wedding has hiccups or last minute issues. She handled each challenge with such grace and understanding! She never failed to come up with a solution. Every aspect of my wedding was perfect and it had so much to do with Camila and Lovecraft Events!” – Kendall G.

“Camila was amazing to work with! She took the details we already secured prior to hiring her along with our list of desires for the big day that we hadn’t yet nailed down and was able to plan a beautiful, seamless event. I counted on her to guide the wedding party, to make last-minute decisions, and to fill in gaps that we missed. She also had a great relationship with all of our vendors. Because of her attention to detail, we were really able to enjoy the festivities! Camila went above and beyond what we expected!” – Tiffany B.

“Camila helped me plan the details of my special day even though I am in a different state. My wedding vendors have even said that her work is very professional and well put together. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.”  – Shelby S.

“Oh, where to begin! I am a tom-boy. I’ve been in 2 weddings (my brothers) and I have no sisters. I didn’t know ANYTHING about weddings. Thank God for Camila. She basically held my (and my mother’s) hand through the entire process. She was there to tell my mom (nicely) to calm down and was there to help me keep my wedding as minimal as I wanted, yet still gorgeous. She even helped me put together our bouquets and helped wrangle my two dogs down to the beach (yes, they were IN my wedding). I’m late to EVERYTHING – like, I’ll be 10 minutes late to my own funeral. Camila had me, my dress and the entire wedding party READY TO GO 45 minutes before we were needed anywhere. It was Amazing – I literally don’t know how she did it and I could not have enjoyed my day as much as I did without her there to take 99.9% of all the stress off of me (and mom). She is so easy to work with and I would recommend her to anyone! Thanks again Camila, for ALL your hard work to make Gentry & my day really something to remember ” – Katie T.

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